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We’re looking for talented and dedicated people to join us in creating innovative software for GPS navigation, mapping, and transporting goods around the world.

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ALK is hiring people who are interested in joining a team focused on ensuring every driver and vehicle on the road have access to great software products.

We offer great benefits such as: paid healthcare, 401K, stock options, and fun perks like summer BBQs.

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Why you’ll love working with us at ALK

Software With a Purpose

Our software helps ensure that packages are delivered on time, that truck drivers are safer on the road, and that fuel and time are used efficiently.

Diverse Tools & Technologies

We develop products for the latest Windows, iOS and Android systems using cutting edge technologies including OpenGL and C++ to C#, AngularJS, and AWS.

A Culture of Learning

We view every day as an opportunity to learn how to improve our knowledge and our products. We do this best by working as a team while encouraging independent personal growth.

Work & Life Balance, Always

Being flexible and understanding is an ALK must, as family and your life outside of work is a priority to us too.