• Industry standard truck-specific routing, mileage and mapping for Light, Medium and Heavy Duty vehicles
  • Easily integrate with leading fuel optimization, routing & scheduling, transportation and supply chain management systems for complete customization and standardization across your entire business
  • Reduce out-of-route mileage saving money, time, toll and fuel costs
  • Maximize overall drive time with a built in HOS Manager to easily factor breaks and stops into your route plan
  • Support both a global and intermodal business with Worldwide and Rail map data
  • Establishing a PC *MILER true cost rating builds better relationships and results in more successful negotiations while providing operational consistency
  • Unique capability to send planned routes direct to the driver to follow, ensuring true route compliance
CoPilot Truck
  • Improve driver safety and satisfaction by providing safe and reliable guidance throughout the planned route
  • Reduce risk of costly bridge strikes and collisions with truck-legal routing
  • Lower fuel costs by reducing out-of-route mileage by 7-10% on average
  • Maximize fleet-wide productivity with streamlined communication between the back office and the cab
  • Boost route compliance by monitoring drivers adherence to the planned route in real-time and post-trip for deeper analysis and coaching
  • Improve driver retention & recruiting by providing drivers an effective yet easy to use tool to succeed in their job
  • Enhance customer service and on-time delivery with precise, dynamic ETAs
MileOn by PC*MILER

Get more out of your miles with the hours of service trip planning app made for truck drivers.

MileOn running on a smartphone
  • Take the guesswork out and start planning trips with PC*MILER commercial routing & costs
  • Avoid Hours of Service violations and easily plug in your pickup, delivery with any hours of service breaks in between
  • Improve customer service & hit delivery windows by knowing what lies ahead with live traffic & weather
  • Stop where you want to, when you need to at truck stops with the amenities you want
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CoPilot Professional
  • Leverage turn-by-turn navigation, route optimization and offline mapping to make intelligent business decisions based on historic and real-time activity in the field and on site
  • Designed specifically for mobile workers with a non-distracting navigation experience to improve driver safety
  • Monitor current driver location, next appointment and ETA on demand for improved driver performance and efficiency
  • Seamless integration with other field service, proof-of-delivery and mobile workflow applications on the device
  • Over 250 API function calls to pass information between applications
  • Connect to back office scheduling, planning or information systems
  • Cut substantial costs with maps stored on-board the device to prevent consumption of expensive data
ALK Maps
  • Highly customizable mapping platform that offers commercial routing for Light, Medium and Heavy Duty vehicles with precise geocoding
  • Worldwide, street-level coverage with comprehensive zip/postal codes
  • Offers flexible JavaScript Mapping, Routing and Geocoding APIs for easy integration
  • Build applications to track and monitor assets, interactively plan and modify routes, visualize quantitative data and perform route analysis for compliance
  • Visualize real-time and predictive traffic data based on the time of the day and day of the week to generate accurate ETAs and make more effective routing decisions
  • Display weather data for more efficient route planning and to keep drivers and assets safe in inclement weather
CoPilot on smartphone and tablet
  • Dependable Offline Navigation
  • Clear-Accurate Guidance
  • Smart Route Planning
  • Powerful Real-Time Traffic
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